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We believe that flowers are a key component in creating a perfect event, but beyond our love of blooms, we know that an event truly ‘wows’ when all decor details are thoughtfully crafted and styled. You select the decorations and props you want and we rent them to you for the day. Or you can hire one of our complete packages.

Blooming Perfect specializes in creating the perfect setting, for weddings, baby showers, anniversarys and other events, all within your budget. We offer floral wedding ceremony and aisle decor, venue decorations (indoor and outdoor), high and low centerpieces, table decor, props and backdrops. All our props come complete with flowers/foliage and decorative objects.

Our decorations and arrangements are made with permanent botanicals (faux foliage/fabric flowers). The designs are available in a range of colours, so any design can be adapted to match the colour theme of the wedding. You also have the option to mix and match designs.

You can also hire our props unadorned, so you can fill them with your own mementos, and flowers from your chosen florist.

Blooming Perfect also offer Venue Styling and Venue Dressing. For Venue Dressing, we arrange, hang and setup, all floral decorations and props. Venue Styling is a consultation service where we work with you to come up with the perfect look, feel and layout for your event. Venue Dressing is included. Have a look at our Wrapping – a special technique for dressing architectural features.

We also offer a bespoke service, where we commission, and design decor to your specifications. All decor remains on a rental basis and is returned after the event.

We constantly update our range, so the galleries are just examples of what we do and have done. Anything that has been retired can be re-created as a bespoke package. However, sometimes items become unavailable due to breakages and unfortunately, theft.

Quality: Many of the flowers we use have each petal, leaf and stem has been hand-crafted so that each individual flower is as unique. They offer everything that real flowers do and more. We are able to rent them because they create arrangements and decorations that have everlasting beauty.

How real do they look?: Some look from 10 inches away completely real. Real touch, in contrast look and feel identical to fresh flowers, even close up. Other’s aren’t designed to look like a fresh flower, made out of fabric, they look amazing as decorative arrangements.

Designs: Painstaking care and attention to detail that goes into every floral decoration. We often use individual petals and leaves to create our own flowers and garlands by hand, or painted. Why hide that they are artificial? Instead we embrace it. This means time, creativity and skill goes into every design.

Our Range


Vintage Style

Beautiful vintage vases, antique books, pearls and amazing blooms. Including our classic flowers-in-a-bottle. We can even add a message


Events & Parties (Indoor/Outdoor)

Decorating outdoor events is a speciality of ours. We don't create an outside room, we enhance what is already there. Whether you use props, or just want gorgeous centrepieces - we can help. And the best thing about permanent botanicals, is they bounce back no matter what the weather.


Blooming Baby Showers

Baby Showers are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of a lot of balloons, we can help you organise a glamorous, fun event. We base our baby showers around themes and provide decorations and advice on food and drink. We can even help you find recipes for cakes!


Bespoke Décor to Order

Decadent Décor Blooming Perfect will work closely with you to create breathtaking, noteworthy décor. We really love get to know our clients while exploring colour, texture, shape, and form with them, all [...]

Save Some Time. Treat Yourself. Have a Blooming Perfect Day.


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