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Clever Ways to Trim Your Event’s Budget

Serve a Signature Drink Serve a custom-made cocktail, such as punch or a classic libation, instead of providing a full bar Limit Alcoholic Beverages Limit alcoholic beverages to wine and beer, choices that will satisfy most of your guests. Join mailing lists at wine shops, then, when wines you want for your wedding go [...]

Clever Ways to Trim Your Event’s Budget2019-04-17T18:53:22+00:00

Anniversary Photo Centrepiece

Illuminating Anniversary This is a shining example of an centrepiece for an anniversary. These photo frame lanterns consist of three hinged photo frames set around votive candles. The black-and-white photos are printed onto ecru-coloured vellum paper, which is translucent enough for the images to be visible by candlelight. Choose photos [...]

Anniversary Photo Centrepiece2019-02-15T23:37:23+00:00

Golden Wedding Anniversary Memory Book

Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries: Golden Memory Party How-To Gold is a symbol of fire; fire is a symbol of passion. One heart bound to another for a half century deserves a tribute that reflects the glow of a lifelong affection. At this age -- and through the subsequent anniversary years -- a couple values [...]

Golden Wedding Anniversary Memory Book2019-02-15T23:43:58+00:00

DIY Floral Decoration Ideas

Blooming Simple Ways to Use Faux Flowers Artificial flowers have their advantages: They're affordable, indestructible, and seasonless. When they're used to create Blooming Perfect displays like the ours, they're alsways chic! But if you decide not to rent you can always try some DIY. Wonder (Flower) Wall We love [...]

DIY Floral Decoration Ideas2019-01-13T02:57:15+00:00

Hiring a Makeup Artist

Amazing Makeup for a Blooming Perfect Day Choose your artist by following up on personal recommendations, studying websites, and talking over the phone. Most of all make sure they are a good fit. Lots of people find a makeup artist via friends and family, and the internet. But how [...]

Hiring a Makeup Artist2019-01-13T01:15:11+00:00

2019 Wedding Ideas

Trending Wedding Ideas 2019 Wedding styles evolve year after year, which this year's celebrations are different from last. But at the core the elements stay the same - florals, decorations, linens etc. It is just small individual touches that make the difference. That means you can pick and choose the wedding [...]

2019 Wedding Ideas2019-01-13T00:49:59+00:00

Hiring a Caterer for an Event

Food for Thought Step 1 - The first meeting Ask the caterer about weddings they have handled Tell them about your favorite foods and restaurants Don't have an in-depth menu discussion at this first meeting talk about the feeling you want to create. A casual reception with lots of dancing or a classic seated [...]

Hiring a Caterer for an Event2019-01-13T00:55:36+00:00

Wedding Vendor Contracts

Things to Do Before Signing a Wedding Contract The majority of wedding planning is pretty fun. It's full of cake tastings, playing dress up, and design, but there's a serious side, too. For every detail you secure, there's likely a vendor behind it, and with the vendor comes a contract. While not the glitziest [...]

Wedding Vendor Contracts2019-01-12T23:04:32+00:00

Baby Shower Drinks That Taste Like Booze

Recipes for a boozy baby shower without the booze Got the food sorted, you have ordered the decorations and dressing from us. Invites have been printed and sent out. Venue has been hired. What’s next – the drinks! In our blooming perfect opinion, drinks for a baby shower are the [...]

Baby Shower Drinks That Taste Like Booze2019-01-11T20:48:54+00:00


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