2019 Wedding Ideas

Trending Wedding Ideas 2019

Wedding styles evolve year after year, which this year’s celebrations are different from last. But at the core the elements stay the same – florals, decorations, linens etc. It is just small individual touches that make the difference. That means you can pick and choose the wedding trends of the past that speak to you while still infusing your event with of-the-moment touches. We are very excited about the wedding trends coming up in 2019. They’re proof that weddings are becoming more personalized than ever before. If our predictions are right, 2019 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting weddings seasons to date.

As for the trends ? New ceremony layouts (ceremonies in the round are on the rise!), inventive floral components (like pampas grass and wheat!), balloon installations, vellum invitation suites, and velvet accents are just a few of the stand-out ideas on this list. We’ll also tell you how affordable they are.

Dark and Edgy Color Palettes
Weddings are getting edgier, moodier accents are in direct contrast with the romantic blush décor, soft textures, and bright photography that’s dominated the wedding scene in recent years. We think more and more couples will become more adventurous with palettes, and mix in colors that would not be traditionally seen in a wedding.
This is an affordable trend, but take your time working with a florist (or hire form us) to get the right look.

Return to Classic
In contrast, there are also, plenty of couples who want to use traditional design elements. The traditional, elegant dinner party wedding is back in fashion. For inspiration, think silver candlesticks, monogrammed linen napkins,  lace overlays, and crystal stemware.
This is easy to do, if you are prepared to scour the shops, or borrow from friends and family. When renting, you’ll need to cost it out, and find an affordable supplier, or it could add up.

Statement Wedding Cakes
Alongside the return to classic is slurging on one big focal statement cake – lots of tiers, decorations and even floral arrangements. These eye-catching confections are even better in full color think warm bronze, soft gray, pale blue, and gold for fondant tones.
Cost varies, some people have friends/family who can make the cake, you can find can find a good local bakery. But set a budget – some place charge a lot.

Royal Wedding-Inspired Flower Décor
I think we all know that the couple’s larger-than-life floral installations will be a main source of influence. That dramatic entrance into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding large flower installations over the door are going to be popular in 2019.
This is going to cost – unless you rent from someone like us (we customise to the doors size). Manage your expectations. Very few people can have a floral door arch like theirs.

Vellum Paper Goods
These almost-sheer paper accents are ones to watch for in 2019, calligraphy for escort cards, as an overlay for invitations, and as envelopes. But paper goods are evolving. Expect to see leather, suede, acrylic, and even gold leafing.
These are really expensive – this is more a job for DIY, or a local printer, who gives you a good deal.

Ceremonies in the Round
The ceremony set-up has stayed mostly unchanged – replicating a church layout, until now. But there are alternatives, like doing the ceremony in the round or a long, winding aisle.

Balloon Walls
These types of decorations aren’t the old balloon arch we see in Amercian movies. They are more stylish, taking different shapes – hanging off walls, rather than a frame.
This depends on whether you can find someone who can do it. They are quite expensive (in time more than cost) even if you DIY it. But call us, and we’ll give it a go.

You’ll want to work with a specialty linen company, if you want to incorporate this up-and-coming trend into your 2019 wedding’s décor scheme. But it looks great as table cloths or runners. The other option is on backdrops.

Nontraditional Floral Components
Expect to see plenty of unexpected flower add-ins, like pampas grass and wheat, in the floral installations of 2019. From highlighting the aisle in your ceremony, to creating a moody vibe at your after-party, pampas grass can elevate any element of your wedding.

In addition to nontraditional floral elements, new types of installations will be just as noteworthy, Florals can be displayed in countless ways throughout the wedding. We’ve been using florals displayed from the ceiling, covering archways, and most recently as a part of the furniture!

Custom Illustrations
Hire a local artist to render some part of your big day. Commissioning an artist can be expensive, so use the artwork in multiple ways – save-the-date, the invitation, and the band backdrop.
If you are interest in this, let us know – we can recommend an artist to work on this with you.

Build Your Own Welcome Bag
This is for people who have a lot of people staying in a hotel. When they arrive, to check-in, there is a welcome table from which they can build their own welcome bag. Ideas include sweets, little sewing kits, shower caps, minature bottles of gin and tonic etc.

Bringing the Inside Out
Making an outdoor space feel as homey as possible is a major 2019 décor strategy. Sofas, armchairs, tables, doors and windows can create that homey feel. But don’t forget to bring the outside in. You can build a forest using out blossom trees, and our real plant rentals.
You can DIY with second hand furniture or hire – but it is unlikely to be cheap.

The secret to pulling off a minimalist wedding that still feels special? The key to this trend is a simple color palette with two or three colors and clean lines. We love using florals that have more architectural shapes and incorporating natural elements like wood tones, stone, and marble.”

Statement Lighting
We’re getting creative with lighting and thinking beyond traditional options like string bulb lights. We’re finding inspiration in residential inspired lighting and have range of solar lamps that catch the eye.



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